Our Restaurant

An invitation for travel. Traditionnal lebanese cuisine is delicate, and made with love and patience. The subtle flavors and sweet scents it contains will delight you and transport you to the Middle East.

Come taste our varied dishes. Lebanese cuisine is the one of the sun; it mixes the richness of its sea products and the one of the mediterranean land products. Very diverse, it is a cuisine full of flavors and colors. It is the reflection of the traditionnal Lebanese sens of hospitality and of the heritage of diverse influences that crossed Lebanon though millenia (greek, roman, ottoman, french...)

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Place of delivery

The delivery of Les Trois Phéniciens products is limited to the geographical areas defined on the site Deliverables can be checked beforehand by the customer on this website. For all out-of-area deliveries, the customer is invited to contact Les Trois Phéniciens, who will be able to decide on a case-by-case basis at his discretion.

After the electronic confirmation of the order by Les Trois Phéniciens, the ordered products are delivered to the delivery address, as indicated by the customer. It is up to the customer to provide exactly the details necessary for the correct delivery (including address, building number, floor, digicode, etc ...).


Deliveries are guaranteed from Monday to Sunday. The delivery is done directly after confirmation of the order.

Delivery times may vary within the time slot and occasionally fall outside this time slot. Les Trois Phéniciens can not guarantee an hour of delivery in the niche in case of, but not limited to, difficult weather conditions, road accidents causing traffic problems, inaccurate addresses, disaster or breakdown in the premises of Les Trois Phéniciens.

Customer Absence

For reasons of safety and quality of service, Les Trois Phéniciens strives to deliver the products to the customer in person. If the customer is not present at the time of delivery and unless otherwise specified, Les Trois Phéniciens products are placed at the door or at a neighbor who lives in the same building if the customer indicates the address and telephone number Neighbor at the time of its order, or at the reception of the company, if such a reception is accessible.

Les Trois Phéniciens undertakes to respect the cold chain until delivery of the products to the customer's address by any appropriate technical means. From then on, the responsibility rests solely with the customer, regardless of his presence at the time of delivery. It is up to the customer to recover his products within a reasonable time in order to maintain the cold chain. The customer assumes responsibility for the products once delivered, even if they are deposited at the foot of the door or with a neighbor or the reception of a company in his absence. In particular, Les Trois Phéniciens decline all responsibility in the event of theft of the delivered package, rupture of the cold chain, or deliberate degradation of the package. However, in the event of a problem with a bag deposited in his absence, the customer is invited to contact Les Trois Phéniciens.

Product information

Les Trois Phéniciens dishes are delivered fresh from the day in a biodegradable or recyclable box. They must be consumed on the day of delivery.

Les Trois Phéniciens recommend to its customers not to freeze its products. Les Trois Phéniciens can not guarantee a total absence of allergenic products in its products. Les Trois Phéniciens would thus not be held responsible for this fact. For any information on this subject, the customer is encouraged to contact Les Trois Phéniciens by telephone at 022 736 45 45 from Monday to Sunday between 11h30 and 14h and between 18h and 22h.

Incomplete delivery

If a product Les Trois Phéniciens is not available at the time of shipment, Les Trois Phéniciens will endeavor to inform the customer as soon as possible. If a billed product can not be delivered, the corresponding amount is reimbursed to the customer. There is no new delivery and the customer can not claim damages.

Cancellation of delivery by Les Trois Phéniciens

If, for reasons beyond the control of Les Trois Phéniciens (eg incorrect delivery address, forbidden access, traffic made difficult by bad weather or road traffic, etc.), delivery is rendered impossible or almost impossible, Les Trois Phéniciens Is entitled to cancel the order. Any claim by the customer to any compensation in kind or damages is entirely excluded.


Les Trois Phéniciens are at the disposal of customers for any information and to help them in case of problems or complaints concerning their products and services. Any complaint concerning the delivery of its products must be made by the customer to Les Trois Phéniciens at the e-mail address or by phone at 022 736 45 45.

Any defects observed must be reported immediately upon receipt of the products and at the latest within one hour after delivery of the products. Failing this, the ordered products are considered as defect-free and accepted by the customer. Les Trois Phéniciens therefore reserves the right not to take action on any complaint that occurs beyond the time limits stipulated above. In case of proven defect, the customer may obtain, at the choice of Les Trois Phéniciens, either the refund of the defective product or a voucher of a value equivalent to that paid for the defective product to be claimed on a next order, exclusion of any other indemnity or damages.

For reasons of hygiene and food safety, perishable foodstuffs will not be taken back or exchanged.